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ToDoneIt! from BoApps, LLC, is a unique and revolutionary method of managing your time and the tasks you need to perform each day.


Unique Features


No app combines the power of the Quadrant Method; the ABC Prioritization Method; Work vs Home vs Other; Categories / Projects; and Task Reoccurrence like ToDoneIt!

By combining the Quadrant Method and the ABC Prioritization Method, you can easily subdivide the lengthy list of tasks to be accomplished into manageable subgroups.

Powerful Tools

ToDoneIt! combines the most powerful time management tools in a way not available in any other app.

The Quadrant Method

Q1: Important and Urgent – this is the “Crisis” quadrant. These are tasks which need to be done today.
Q2: Important but Not Urgent – this is the “Proactive / Planning” quadrant.
Q3: Not Important but Urgent – this is traditionally referred to as the “Distractions” quadrant containing tasks that cause interruptions, etc…
Q4: Not Important but Not Urgent – this quadrant is traditionally referred to as the “Busywork” quadrant.

Simply Flexible

You can use all of the features or just the ones that work best for you. It’s that simple – it’s that powerful – it’s that flexible.

ABC Prioritization Method

The ABC Prioritization Method helps to prioritize the tasks based on:
•  A Priority Tasks: Need to be done first – highest priority
•  B Priority Tasks: Once the A Tasks are dealt with sufficiently, then the B Tasks can be accomplished
•  C Priority Tasks: Lowest level of priority and, if you are like most people, probably won’t get done today. However, the task may be a C Priority Task today, but it might be a B Priority Task tomorrow

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Since most people have tasks that reoccur on a regular basis, all you need to do is enter a task and its reoccurrence interval once and the ToDoneIt! app will keep track of its next occurrence so you don’t have to remember.

The ToDoneIt! app also allows you to separate your Work related tasks from your Home related tasks from the Other related tasks. No one likes to see the tasks that need to be done at Home when they are at Work. And no one really likes to see the Work related tasks when they are at Home. The third group “Other” is for tasks which need to be done not related to Work or Home – such as kids soccer, boy / girl scouts, faith organization – tasks which are done away from Work and Home.

The ToDoneIt! app further allows you to categorize your tasks by Categories you develop (Yard work, Errands, Shopping, Vacation Planning, Project ‘A,’ Project ‘B’). Any categories that will help you further group, sort and filter your tasks.

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